2021 Nebraska Exit Survey Research

This past year brought challenges, rewards and many educational opportunities to the communities in Nebraska and around the world through the pandemic. Currently Nebraska uses single-choice voting ballots, as we strive to bring ranked choice voting to our great state it is important to know how Nebraskan’s feel about it. If we can gain support, we can strengthen our approach.

For the city elections of Lincoln and Omaha our team and wonderful local volunteers conducted exit surveys to assess the thoughts of voters on ranked choice voting.

We asked two questions…

  • Do voters like ranked choice voting?
  • Do voters think ranked choice voting is easy?

What we found is that voters generally found ranked choice voting to be an easy method to use compared to the single-choice ballots, but also…

They Liked it!

Read the full report below for details on the methods and tools we used.

Looking to help with the next round of exit surveys in your city? Sign up to volunteer with RTVNE team and we will provide you with training materials for the big day!